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Delhi is the bustling capital of India. Home to more than 19 million residents, this ancient city has a lot for any tourist to see. There are several free walking tours that offer informative, entertaining experiences to help you discover this wonderful city....


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If you really want to experience the true trade of Delhi then Juan is your Man. We met at the metro and Juan was prepared with masks as we were using the metro to get to our first destination. The tour takes you through the narrow alleyways where all sorts of trade are carried out. There are loads of food options if you are brave enough, unfortunately we werent feeling great so at the end of the trip Jaun took us to Dominos!! We walked through busy markets and took rickshaws and tut tuts to see the spice market. Juan is so kind and helpful and will go out of his way to make you feel safe and comfortable. I would highly recommend this company and the tour

Yuli Fabia


This tour is incredible. It was a really powerful and eye opening experience to visit this area and to interact with the people, children and families who live here. I was a little uncertain about doing the tour at first as I didn't want to impose myself into the space of the community but everyone was so welcoming and lovely, and you get a chance to fully interact with people and their jobs to really understand how they live. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful community!



The tour was absolutely amazing and everyone was both welcoming, curious, and joyful. Getting to understand the inner workings of this community and being guided by a both knowledgable and kind hearted tour guide was something I’ll never forget. Be prepared to encounter the countless smiles of all the joyous children reminding us that happiness truly comes from within and not from material luxury and comforts. I highly recommend this tour if you’re in the Delhi area!



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